Privacy Policy

We All Work for the Betterment of each other whether for our In-House Team Members, our Commission Agents, The Builders we are Associated with or for You, as our Esteemed Clients. We work Very Hard and try to fulfill your Property Dreams & Desires to your Utmost Satisfaction and In Tern we Expect to Earn A Little for our Livelihood.

To Explain Above

In case of Fresh / Original Bookings, We do Not Expect and Charge Any Commissions / Brokerage from the Buyers. Our Brokerage is on Builders' Side. In Case of Re-Sale Deals, We Charge Brokerage @2% of The Total Value of The Properties dividing it as 1% From The Sellers & 1% From The Buyers, as per industry measures.

And In Case of Rent/Lease Deals, We Charge 1 Month Rent of The Properties as our Brokerage i.e. 15 Days Rent from the Lessors or Land Lords & 15 Days Rent from The Lessees or Tenants. All Other Charges & Taxes are As Applicable as per Real Estate Industry Standards & as per Govt. Regulations.

Precautionary Measures for All

A Thorough Due Diligence is A Must. While providing our Real Estate Services, for Better Assurance, Peace & Profitability we do insist & recommend our Esteemed Clients, be a Potential Buyer or an Owner of a Property, that apart from us, do a Thorough Due Diligence on their part of their own by all their means of that Shortlisted Property which intends to be purchased or the Potential Tenant respectively before arriving at any decision for Sale, Purchase or Renting.

Based on Above All, We Anxiously Look Forward to Serve You soon in The Near Future for Your Valued Inquiries & Requirements in Real Estate.

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